The School Of Ethical Hacking In Lucknow

Ethical hacking in lucknow

What Is Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking refers to the act of penetrating computer systems, networks or applications with the intention to exploit vulnerabilities that may lead to potential threats and risks. The main aim of Ethical Hacking is the improvement of the overall security of organizations by fixing the gaps and vulnerabilities found during penetration tests. Ethical hackers are allowed to use the same hacking techniques as malicious hackers with the permission of the organization which is to be tested.
Ethical Hackers also are referred to as White Hat Hackers because they use their expertise in hacking so as to enhance the safety of organizations by decreasing the amount of vulnerabilities and security breaches. With the rise of the amount of cyber-attacks, the worldwide demand for ethical hacking services is consistently increasing also . Globally known organizations chose to incorporate ethical hacking in their security strategies, increasing the demand for Ethical Hackers across various industries. Moreover, experienced Ethical Hackers earn higher salaries than other professionals.

As an Ethical Hacker, you’ll prove that you simply possess the required expertise to support organizations detect their weaknesses, before a Black Hat Hacker does. Moreover, you’ll be ready to demonstrate that you simply have the required skills to support the method of integrating penetration tests into the organization’s processes and make sure that the intended outcomes are achieved.

Scope Of Ethical Hacking In India

Ethical hacking scope

Growing cases of computer hacking have forced renowned companies, financial institutions, and government organizations to recruit ethical hackers. Ethical hackers help these companies find out vulnerabilities and possible security leaks of their computer systems and also to guard them from any potential threat. So Ethical Hacking as a career has promising prospects within the near future.

According to a survey conducted by the International Data Corp, there’s a requirement for over 600,000 information security personnel worldwide. In India alone, the amount is predicted to grow by over 77,000 and 188,000 worldwide within the next few years. Talented Ethical Hackers can search for making their career in a number of the large names within the IT sector including Wipro, Dell, Reliance, Google, Accenture, IBM, and Infosys.

A Graduate degree in computing or similar technology with certification in Ethical Hacking or any of the related stream ensure an honest chance of getting employment in reputed companies.

Salary Of Ethical Hacker In India

Ethical hacking salary in india

With the tremendous growth of IT industry in India, the demand for Ethical hacker is also increasing.  In the present scenario, the average base salary of a fresher Ethical Hacker is around 5 lakhs per annum. Moreover Ethical Hacker with work experience can earn upto 30 lakhs per annum.    

Why Choose AK Infosoft For Your Ethical Hacking Career

  • The Only Training Institute In Lucknow To Prepare You For Both CEH and OSCP Exam.  
  • Our classes are taught by Certified and experienced Faculty . Using proven teaching strategies, they make sure that every student finds a path to success.
  • Have trained more than 500+ student in past 4 years with 90% job placement. 
  • We have practical training approach. Our classes incorporate traditional learning styles as well as hands-on experiences.

Ethical Hacking Course In Lucknow

Are Confused how to start your ethical hacking career?  We at AK Infosoft have design the course in 3 phase.

Phase 1 : Beginner Level

1)  Mobile Hacking And Security
2)  System Hacking And Security
3) Cyber Forensic

Phase 2 : Intermediate Level

1) Wireless Security
2) Window 10 Hacking and Security
3) Cloud Computing And Security

Phase 3 : Advance Level

1) Kali Linux- Training
2) Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)
3) Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

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